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3 New Superfoods for Better Heart Health

WASHINGTON, Jan. 24, 2018 – In recognition of Heart Health Month, USA Medical reminds people that superfoods can be beneficial to cardiovascular health by diminishing the risk of heart disease and cardiovascular complications. The company also helps people afford medications for heart-related and other illnesses through its customized prescription savings programs in all 50 states including: Texas Prescription Assistance Program, Florida Prescription Assistance Program and California Prescription Assistance Program.

USA Medical shares from Healthline several superfoods poised to gain traction in 2018 and may be highly recommended to improve heart conditions:

  1. Nut Oils – Low in trans and saturated fats, cold-pressed almond, cashew and hazelnut oils have been found to positively affect cardiovascular health.
  2. Moringa – This natural leaf powder contains a powerful antioxidant that may help lower high blood pressure.
  3. Maqui berries – Antioxidants found in these berries may help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, which is linked to heart conditions.

USA Medical Card Co-Founder and President Jordan Sessler said, “Eating a healthy diet and taking prescriptions as directed is so important to maintaining your heart health. We know this is becoming more and more difficult for people to do given the rising prices of these medications. That is why we provide our free Pharmacy Discount Card to help reduce the cost of these vital medicines people need to keep their hearts healthy. No medications are excluded from possible savings up to 75%, brand name or generic.”

The pre-activated Pharmacy Discount Cards are accepted at more than 60,000 pharmacies across the country — local, regional and national chains such as CVS, Walmart and Walgreens. Thousands of popular medicines are eligible for savings, including medications prescribed for the side effects of chemotherapy such as: ondansetron, lorazepam, alprazolam, dronabinol and ferrous sulfate.

Go to to get a customized Pharmacy Discount Card for all 50 states including:

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About USA Medical Prescription Assistance Program

USA Medical Prescription Assistance Program is a division of USA Medical, which reaches out to individuals and seniors among the estimated 100+ million people in America with inadequate prescription coverage. The Company's mission is to help individuals save money on prescriptions they need.